Andrey Agibalov

Team Leader / Software Architect

I am a team leader and an architect with 10+ years of experience in software development.

I help business to build balanced solutions by understanding the needs, providing technical vision and implementation options, and then leading the development process.

I help team members to achieve their best by establishing appropriate processes within the team, by encouraging them to follow software development best practices and providing technical guidance.

Greater New York City Area
+1 (516) 643-5175


Java Spring AngularJS REST NodeJS Docker JavaScript TypeScript .NET C# ASP.NET MVC CI DDD TDD Agile TeamCity SQL Git


November 2015 — Present

Data Acquisition Application

An integrated environment for data acquisition - a part of the credit ratings production pipeline allowing to extract raw data from PDF documents and transform it into meaningful data points; organize data points into a predefined data structure with on-the-fly validation; enhance and pre-process data points for further analysis.


  • Application architecture
  • Team leadership, development activities coordination
  • Release and sprint planning
Java Spring Boot Spring MVC Spring Security Spring Data JPA JUnit Oracle PDFBox Tabula Maven JIRA REST

January 2014 — October 2015

Engineer's Assistance Tool

A software aimed at guiding an engineer through the part production process by describing every major step, its success criteria, and suggesting the exact actions to get closer to the expected result.


  • Solution architecture
  • Team leadership, development activities coordination
  • Requirements management, estimation, iteration planning
  • Project infrastructure set up and maintenance


Server application that provides REST API to the customer-provided functionality
  • Built the entire component
Java Spring Boot Spring MVC Spring Security Spring Data JPA Jetty HSQLDB JNA HDF5 Commons Daemon JUnit Gradle
Engineering supervisor's web console
  • Built the entire component
SPA AngularJS LESS Grunt Karma Jasmine NodeJS Npm Bower
Engineer's tablet application with 3D visualizations and touch/stylus input support
  • Designed the high-level architecture
  • Implemented a custom touch/stylus input support and gesture recognition
.NET C# WPF Caliburn.Micro NInject HDF5 Hoops Visualize MSBuild NUnit
TeamCity JIRA Confluence Nexus Git

November 2012 — December 2013

Grocery list optimizer service

A comprehensive grocery list optimizing solution, consisting of iOS application, ASP.NET MVC website, .NET middleware and SQL Server backend.


  • Team leadership, development activities coordination
  • Requirements management
  • Estimation, risk management, iteration planning
  • Middleware development
  • Few internal utility products development
  • Continuous integration implementation
.NET C# WCF ASP.NET MVC Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL Stored Procedures TeamCity MSTest LINQ2SQL AngularJS Bootstrap JIRA IIS MSBuild JSON

June 2013 — July 2013


My home project, an online "to do" service, designed as a single-page web application. There are 3 swimlanes: "to do", "in progress" and "done", which let users track their progress. There's Markdown support to make task descriptions more expressive. This project is aimed to have all my best practices compiled in a single place.


  • Infrastructure configuration and administration
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • UI design
  • User support
  • Continuous integration implementation
.NET C# Microsoft SQL Server TeamCity NUnit Entity Framework AngularJS Bootstrap YouTrack Git IIS MSBuild Markdown JSON

December 2011 — November 2012

Android restaurant management system client

An Android tablet front-end for a restaurant management system used by restaurant staff to manage the floor, reservations and table availability.


  • Android application development
  • Continuous integration implementation
Android Java JUnit RoboGuice Maven TeamCity REST JSON Git Guava JIRA

November 2010 — December 2011

Microsoft SCCM add-on

A hardware-independent imaging solution designed as Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) add-on. The application is aimed to analyze computers on the network, collect their configuration details and device drivers, categorize those computers into compatibility groups and then provide ready-to-use "configuration scripts" which install all the device drivers required.


  • Requirements management
  • Research and development
Microsoft SCCM .NET C# Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL JIRA TeamCity Subversion

October 2010 — November 2010

Online survey service support

A survey solution with powerful questionnaires constructor and variety of reports. Designed as an ASP.NET web application with Microsoft SQL Server backend.


  • Team leadership, development activities coordination
  • Iteration planning
  • Continuous integration implementation
.NET C# ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL Stored Procedures ADO.NET Subversion IIS Mantis

June 2009 — October 2010

Single Sign-On solution support

An enterprise-scale Single Sign-On solution that consists of a desktop part and a number of network services. Desktop part is responsible for monitoring the desktop (native, .NET and Java applications) and web-browser pages. Whenever authentication is required, credentials are automatically injected so that users don't have to remember all the passwords they use. This desktop application is backed by a number of network services responsible for storing/providing all the credentials.


  • Issues investigation
  • Hot-fixes implementation
.NET C# C++ ADO.NET WinAPI Microsoft SQL Server JIRA Subversion LDAP Active Directory

May 2009 — June 2009

Cable tester firmware extension

An extension to cable tester solution.


  • Implementation of front-end for new cable test module
Linux Debian Qt Qtopia C++

January 2009 — May 2009

Travel company intranet application

An internal trip reservation solution for US-based travel company.


  • Implementation of mailing module
  • Implementation of Microsoft Outlook integration
Windows .NET C# Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL Stored Procedures Windows Forms Subversion ADO.NET

January 2008 — December 2008

Securities market analysis system extension

A securities market analysis system extension aimed to provide support for external data sources. An application itself consists of C++ back-end, CORBA middleware and .NET Windows Forms front-end.


  • Windows Forms front-end implementation
Windows Linux .NET C# C++ Oracle XML CORBA Windows Forms AccuRev